The moose is loose

This young bull moose, a yearling, visited my camp recently… and I had my camera handy! I followed him in my car, snapping photos through the passenger side window.

Moose on the Loose

After a few hundred yards he stopped, peeked at me around a tree, and then came straight for the car! There was nothing aggressive about it, through. This is the time of the year when last year’s calf gets kicked out of the family because the new one has arrived. I suppose this little bull was used to having a big moose around, and it was surely a little lonesome in the woods. He looked for all the world like someone looking for a friend to pal up with, and was checking me out. I guess I’m flattered.

Moose in the Woods

Finally he stood in this “King of the Woods” pose. That’s what he’ll be before long. I hope to see him then.

Moose in the Woods II

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