Agents may work for Buyers or Sellers, but can not represent both at the same time. We offer various services using forms provided by the National Association of Realtors:

BUYER’S BROKER (searching listed properties only)

boat-and-dock-on-clark-lakeWhen a buyer signs a NAR “short form” agreement with U.P. Waterfront Company they have acquired valuable services. We act solely on their behalf. A buyer’s listing frees us to use and share with the buyer our experience and all the facts available to us. We use our market knowledge to negotiate and promote the buyer’s best interest. As a Buyer’s Broker, we can disclose known facts about a seller’s willingness to accept a lower price and keep the buyer’s motivations confidential.  We search for properties for our buyers using a variety of resources including the Central Upper Peninsula “MLS,” Zillow, and others.

BUYER’S AGENT (searching for real estate, listed or unlisted)

Under the NAR “long form” Buyer’s Broker agreement, we consider both properties offered “for sale by owner” and those listed by other brokers. Importantly we also consider properties NOT on the market that appear to perfectly fit your needs and desires, and that can make a difference. Sometimes the best property is not listed but it can still be acquired with the right approach. Information is power. Real estate information is our stock in trade, and we can put this to work for you.

Under the “long form” you promise to pay our fee. We promise to work for you. The fee is usually the same. U.P. Waterfront Company is paid only if you are successful in purchasing property in the area we define. Any fees received by U.P. Waterfront Company from a seller or a listing broker are credited against this agreed upon amount.


When we list real estate for sale, we photograph the property, spend as much time as necessary learning its unique features and benefits, consider “who needs it” (always the most important question), and how to best reach that person through advertising and marketing. We design, write a personalized page, and post it on this website. We show the property, write the purchase offer, and close the sale. Properties are matched to a database of prospects for Upper Peninsula property, a resource we have developed and refined over more than ten years. As your agent, we legally represent your best interest. That means, for example, that we will always fully disclose to you all facts known to us that might affect your decision to accept an offer to purchase your property.

If you are interested in selling, take some time and look through this website. See the “Sold” section at the bottom of the “Listings” page, which includes properties we have sold as an example of the kinds of properties available. This website is the result of many years of experience in the real estate business. It represents a significant investment of time and money in state-of-the-art technology and is very effective.


U.P. Waterfront Company practices “Single Agency” real estate representing both sellers and buyers, but never both parties in the transaction. We act as the seller’s agent when we list property. We act as a buyer’s agent when we have a Buyer’s Agency Agreement signed by our prospect as recommended by The National Association of Realtors. Occasionally there is a conflict when a listed buyer wants to consider land we have listed. In that case, the seller’s agency agreement takes precedence and we terminate any agency agreement with a buyer with respect to that listed property only.

Note also that information we obtained through a present or prior agency relationship as a buyer’s agent remains private and IS NOT disclosed to a seller when that buyer is interested in a seller’s property listed with U.P. Waterfront Company.

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