Additional Information about Bearberry Island

Legal Description

Island: Government Lot 8 Section 35, T59N-R30W, Eagle Harbor
Township., Keweenaw County, MI.

Sunset from the deckShore Station: Part of Parcel 18 of Lake Superior Land Company`s Plat of Survey of Little Grand Marais East, Section 34, T59N-R30W. Full legal description is on file in the listing office.

Bearberry Island Camp

Construction started in 2000 and it was completed in 2003
Current owner purchased the island in the fall of 1998.

One bedroom plus loft
One toilet
Native stone Rumford fireplace in the living room supplies heat
Back up heat is supplied via a propane wall furnace
Kitchen stove and refrigerator both use propane
Air conditioning is by Mother Nature and Lake Superior
Sauna, separate and unique
A deck surrounds the entire structure

Wood walkway from arrival site on southern shore to camp

Shore Station 22×28, outside dimensions, two stories, loft access by exterior stairs in back

Address of landing: 9541 Goodell Road, Eagle Harbor, Michigan 49950

GPS coordinates of island: 47.467686,-88.115373

Room Dimensions (rounded):

Living/Dining 19×12
Kitchen 8×9
Bedroom 9×11
Cabin exterior dimension is 20×24

Loft 9×11 plus a 2.5×4.5 landing
Toilet 4×8
Sauna/shower w heated water 8×8; roughly 7×7 interior

What equipment stays

Rigid inflatable boat 11.5 feet in length with 15 hp. outboard motor
Boat trailer
ATV 4-wheeler
All major furnishings on the island and in the shore station
Wheelbarrow, and garden cart (used to haul stuff from the beach)
Yard tools (rake, limb saw, shovel, etc.)

Little Grand Marias East Homeowners Association Association

Annual dues: $75


Island Tax ID No. 42-206-34-850-000

2015 Summer tax: $1,284.87
2015 Winter tax: $345.70
Total Island tax: $1,630.57

2015 SEV: $34,298

Shore Station Tax ID No. 42-206-55-000-020

2015 Summer tax: $1,585.48
2015 Winter tax: $358.76
Total Shore Station tax: $1,944.24

Total Taxes 2015: $3,574.81

2015 SEV: $42,322

Note taxes will change on sale.


Drawn directly from Lake Superior.
For drinking water, there is the option of a reverse osmosis filtration system or an English Berkey countertop water system.

Distances, area of island

From the landing to the island bay is about 1,785 feet (about 1/3rd mile.)
From the island to the closest shore is about 670 feet
The area of the island is about 2.9 acres
These measurements are from Google Earth

List Price: $350,000

Attached to the website are several JPG files you can download:

Two aerials, the first of the Island and immediate area; the second a larger view of everything from Eagle Harbor to Agate Harbor, both from Google Earth Pro

Also attached are two documents by the owner, which you should read, and this ADDITIONAL INFORMATION document.

Directions to Bearberry Island

Head out of Eagle Harbor towards Copper Harbor. As you drive you will come to Lake Bailey on your right, and shortly thereafter a small resort that is on the west end of Lake Bailey. A short distance after that there will be a collection of mailboxes to your right, and a road to your left called Goodell Road. This will be about 4.5 miles from the intersection of M26 and the Eagle Harbor Cutoff Road in Eagle Harbor. Turn onto Goodell Road and follow it down the hill and then to the right where it splits. Take that road all the way to the end; the shore station is the last building on the right (east) side of the road.

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