Owner’s Reflections

DSCN1091We discovered Laughing Whitefish Point quite by accident. We had been searching for lakefront property on a Great Lake for several years, primarily focusing on Lake Michigan.

Our daughter was attending Northern Michigan University and during one of our visits while site seeing, we saw the signs along M-28 and drove the length of Shore Drive.

It was love at first site. It was spring and the forest was alive with spring beauties and peepers. Each sign along Shore Drive was surrounded by daffodils and the leaves on the trees were just beginning to pop out.

Originally we wanted a lot with direct access to the lake, but it was in a cedar swamp and had a tremendous amount of spring run-off. We settled on this lot because it was high and dry and the views are absolutely spectacular. In every season! It also has a flat driveway for easy year-round access.

We stayed until the sun went down that night and watched the first of the amazing sunsets that we have experienced, and enjoyed, for the last eight years. We have many sunset and sunrise pictures to remind us of the magnificence of Lake Superior.

We have also seen the lake during the furious gales of November which are just as spectacular to see. And when the power goes out we just settle in with a hot cup of tea as the generator kicks on to provide for our electrical needs. It was these winds that caused us to name this place “Whistling Winds.”

We have also enjoyed watching the many ships go by at all hours of the day and night. It usually takes well over 30 minutes for a ship to cross through our view. We have even found a webpage that identifies name of the ship, the owners, and the course it is following.

Just as eagerly we watch the birds, especially the eagles. The eagles seem to come by daily during the summer looking for their next meal. There are several avid bird watcher neighbors who are always willing to help us identify the unknown species.

Speaking of neighbors, Shore Drive has the best neighbors a person could ever want. The two-legged ones respect your privacy but are more than willing to help out when asked. The four-legged ones are always a treat to see, and appear regularly throughout the year.

“Just another day in paradise” has been our slogan since moving to Laughing Whitefish Point. We will miss our “Whistling Winds.”

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